How to attract the right candidates with a standout Job Description

September 04, 2015

Job descriptions are important for attracting the right job candidates, giving candidates a better idea of exactly what you are looking for and helping you receive only resumes from relevant candidates who meet your requirements. Create your ideal candidate in mind and write the job description to match that person’s qualifications, skills and experience.

Here are some key elements to consider as you create a job description that will attract the right candidates:

Job Title

The job title is the most important part of your job posting and it helps decide whether or not a candidate will click through to view your job posting. So keep it simple, easy to understand and familiar. Don’t use unconventional job titles that only make sense internally because they confuse candidates. Also, be sure to write a job title that reflects your industry's requirements and company's culture.

Company Description

How you describe your company in a job posting can play a critical role in attracting the right candidates. Begin with an overview of your company and include information such as culture (mission, values, vision), size (budget and staff), headquarters location, and the structure of the company. Also, talk about your longevity in the market and career opportunities (prospects, training) that your company offers. If it’s possible, add company logos or banners in the company description. This content will help candidates determine whether your company is a good fit.


Provide a brief summary of the position and its significance within the company. Describe how the position supports and contributes to the company’s mission, and include an overall objective as well. The summary is not a repeat of the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for the job, but you can summarise the primary responsibilities. Sometimes it’s easier to write the summary once you have completed the detailed information.

Duties and Responsibilities

Include a list of the duties and responsibilities associated with the position. It’s important for the candidate to know about his duties and responsibilities on a day-to-day, month-to-month basis. This helps candidates form an idea of what a classical day may look like. Also, include details on who the candidate would report to and where that candidate fits within the company's structure.

Requirements and Qualifications

List all the qualifications that are required, along with those that are preferred. Such qualifications should include skills (technical, communicative, organisational, creative), certifications, licenses, minimum years of experience, minimum education level, and necessary language proficiency. Remember, the harder a position is to fill, the more you may want to be flexible on required qualifications.
Add a statement to clarify that only those who meet the minimum requirements of the job will be considered for the position. This will discourage unqualified candidates from applying.

Salary and Benefits

Even there are different opinions on whether to include salary and benefits, you should be transparent with your candidates. Include position's salary range and benefits, such as 401(k), vacation days, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, car, relocation, flexible schedules, happy hours Fridays, free meals, and much more.

In addition to the information above, you can include location and travel requirements, physical requirements (if applicable), job availability date, job type (full-time, part-time, intern, temporary/contract, permanent), working conditions, and whether you are an employer or a recruitment agency.

The more accurate and complete you make a job description, the more useful it will be for the candidates.

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